Nishan Formula E car

Shell and Nissan : Together we’re electric!

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看The alliance between Shell and Nissan in Formula E is significant in that it brings together two leaders in the development of new mobility solutions. Both partners have a vision to improve the driving experience for EV drivers, helping to make them more attractive to motorists.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看As one of the world’s largest energy suppliers, Shell has the unique ability to use its technology and marketing expertise to develop more and cleaner mobility solutions that will serve the growing number of EV customers both on and beyond the forecourt.

Race for the Future

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Shell is increasingly charging electric vehicles at forecourts, homes and workplaces, while developing specialised lubricants or e-fluids that will make EVs more efficient.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看On the track, the partnership will enable Shell and Nissan to explore opportunities to provide greater performance to the team in their ambition to win championships. As with Shell’s successful partnerships with manufacturers in other motorsport series, the partnership will enable a shared desire to deliver innovations from the racetrack to the road.

“We share Nissan and Formula E’s desire to deliver technological innovations from the racetrack to road, so all electric drivers can benefit from them.” Istvàn Kapitàny, Executive Vice President Shell Retail

Future Thinkers #1| Berlin ePrix | Shell Motorsport

Title:? SHELL – Future Thinkers – Episode 1 – RACE FOR THE FUTURE

Duration: {3:43} minutes


The Future thinkers, Kami and Edward explore the Berlin Race and find out more about Shell and Nissan’s partnership.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看SHELL – Future Thinkers – Episode 1 – RACE FOR THE FUTURE Transcript

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看[Background music plays]

{Bright - ?uplifting music}

We open in the stands of the Berlin Race at Berlin’s Tempelhof airport. Kami and Edward, our future thinkers, appear on screen with their backs to us. They are walking through behind the scenes of the Berlin race.



Episode 1: BERLIN RACE

CUT to Edward and Kami continuing walking behind the scenes;

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:00:04,400 --> 00:00:05,440


Hello and welcome,

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:00:05,680 --> 00:00:07,420


she's Kami


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看and he's Edward.

Kami and Edward speak to camera with handheld mic


00:00:07,420 --> 00:00:10,000

And we are the Future Thinkers!

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{Cutaways of Formula E cars being prepped for race.}

{Kami and Edward exploring the venue and the Nissan E-Village.}


00:00:10,200 --> 00:00:12,700

We have been invited here to the E-Prix

00:00:12,700 --> 00:00:13,860

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看in Berlin, by Shell

00:00:13,860 --> 00:00:15,960

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看and their Formula-E partner, Nissan.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看And they are right now setting up

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看and it is so exciting, isn't it?!


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:00:19,400 --> 00:00:20,420

Yeah, it's amazing!

00:00:20,420 --> 00:00:23,040

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看We are going to have a crash course on all things Formula E

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:00:23,200 --> 00:00:26,120

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看and find out why Shell are so excited to be a part of it.

{Cutaways of Kami and Edward playing at Nissan E-Village at the Berlin race.}


00:00:26,120 --> 00:00:29,680

And we've already been having a great time in the Formula E village

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看having lots of fun, learning new things.

{Cut to EXT. Kami on handheld mic in front of Templhof airport.}


00:00:32,360 --> 00:00:34,520

Well I was learning.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{Cut INT Nissan E-village Kami and Edward playing on Nissan tablets}


00:00:34,680 --> 00:00:37,200

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Yeah we have been on this simulator.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{Kami and Edward in wind machine}


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看We've had air blown at our faces!

100 kilometers an hour.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看It gave me this nice new hairstyle.


00:00:44,340 --> 00:00:46,060

And the VR thing.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{Cutaway of Edward and Kami on VR experience}


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:00:46,440 --> 00:00:50,460

I could do this all day! This is epic! Woo hoo!


00:00:50,700 --> 00:00:52,980

There is this funky wall, where loads of colours appear.Snazzy!

{Cutaway to start point on race track where Kami and Edward meet Mike Carcamo – shaking hands}


We're on our way right now into the exclusive paddock enclosure to meet a Nissan expert.




Good to see you.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Thanks for coming out today.

We're walking out onto the grid now.

{All three walk down the grid together. Cutaways of feet on pavement and all of the smiling, some shots at 50fps}


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Pretty amazing! That's pretty cool, huh?


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:01:10,040 --> 00:01:13,040

The incredible Gen-2 cars are so cool looking,

can you give us some stats? Weight? Power? Acceleration? Speed?


00:01:18,000 --> 00:01:19,860

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看They're light, they're 900 kilos.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看The power's 250 kilowatts

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看and they can accelerate from 0 to 100 KPH in 2.8 seconds.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{Mt Fuji archive shot intercut with CU of Nissan’s race car and the talent all chatting}


00:01:28,080 --> 00:01:29,080

Pretty cool, wow.


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:01:29,080 --> 00:01:30,880

Some people say it looks like a Batmobile!

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看CU OF BATMOBILE.


00:01:30,880 --> 00:01:31,380


{Cutaways of car mechanics}


00:01:31,760 --> 00:01:34,420

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看It takes about an hour to charge the batteries and we can do about 100 kilometers at full race pace.

{back to Mike, Kami and Edward walking along the grid)


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:01:39,240 --> 00:01:41,360

Can you tell us about your partnership with Shell?

{Cutaways of car and inside detail)


00:01:41,360 --> 00:01:45,260

We are so excited to have Shell as one of our partners.They're really big into finding new alternative energy sources,so that we can help power our cars in the future and who knows what else they'll power?!

{A reveal of Nissan Garage with Oliver Rowland’s name on front}


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:01:52,480 --> 00:01:54,520

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看This is the Nissan garage, over here.

Do you guys want to check it out?

{CU of Kami smiling}


00:01:55,980 --> 00:01:56,580



00:01:56,580 --> 00:01:58,080

Let's try and find Oliver.

{MID over the shoulder from Oliver walking towards Kami and Edward}


00:01:58,080 --> 00:02:00,260

Oh my Gosh! Hello!


00:02:00,260 --> 00:02:02,480

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Hi guys! Hello! How are you?



偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:02:02,480 --> 00:02:03,180

I'm good thanks.

{Follow Oliver, Kami and Edward as they walk towards his car}


00:02:03,180 --> 00:02:04,320

Do you want to come and see my car?


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:02:04,320 --> 00:02:04,960



偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:02:04,960 --> 00:02:08,860

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看As you can see the wings are pretty futuristic on these Formula E cars.


00:02:08,860 --> 00:02:10,760

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看How have you been getting on this season?

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{CU of Oliver looking to camera}


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:02:10,760 --> 00:02:11,640

So far, so good.

I'm a rookie, so it's my first season,

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看but I have three poles,

two podiums,

two second places, hopefully we can kick on and try and win some races.

{cutaways of stills of moments when Oli has been in spotlight, end up back to the front of garage with Kami, Edward and Oli front on}


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:02:18,940 --> 00:02:23,240

We've heard about 'Attack Mode' and getting offline into activation zones,

it sounds dangerous, tell us more.


00:02:24,980 --> 00:02:25,880

It's new for this year.There's a zone which we have to drive through and we get more power

and it enables us to attack the other drivers.


00:02:30,160 --> 00:02:31,400

What is 'Fan Boost'?

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{Answer is intercut with stock footage of Nissan car on test laps – Provided by Nissan}


00:02:31,400 --> 00:02:34,600

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看The fans choose their favourite driver and they get an extra boost,

so if they are in a tight battle and the fans want them to pass the person in front, they can vote for them.It's really quite an interesting and different concept.


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:02:40,980 --> 00:02:44,700

Everything that Nissan and Shell are doing, working as a partnership in Formula E is just helping that sustainability for the future and hopefully we'll have a nice clean planet for you guys when you're older.

{CU of race car and WIDE of three of them chatting outside of garage}


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:02:50,040 --> 00:02:53,000

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看So Oliver, we both like a bit of a victory celebration. What's yours?

But first, here's ours!

By the way, it's a bit stompy!

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{Edward shows off his victory celebration to them both}

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:02:58,420 --> 00:03:00,200



00:03:03,060 --> 00:03:04,340

Ok and this is mine.


00:03:06,100 --> 00:03:09,300

Not bad, I'll have to go for this.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{Oliver shows off his moves. We then mix with a bit of 50fps footage of car and high fivewss and land back to Kami and Edward and the handheld mic}


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:03:10,640 --> 00:03:11,960

Well that was incredible.


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:03:11,960 --> 00:03:14,580

Yeah, what a day. Even I feel like I learnt something.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看{MID Kami and Edward as they chat on the mic. Followed by MIDS of them playing and enjoying the day}


00:03:14,580 --> 00:03:16,580

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看What did you think about Oliver's victory dance?


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:03:16,580 --> 00:03:18,200

It's good, but not as good as this.


00:03:19,380 --> 00:03:21,120

That's all from us folks.

Hope you've enjoyed our whirlwind tour of the ePrix in Berlin

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看and learned a bit more about this wonderful sport.


偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看00:03:26,440 --> 00:03:28,520

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看See you later, we're off to Hamburg next to meet some of the Shell technology team.


{a high five and Edward and Kami walk away from us and back towards Tempelhof E-Village)}


00:03:32,440 --> 00:03:37,200

It's amazing how the world is changing with all of this new snazzy tech!

Just another day in Hollywood!

CTA and pneumonic at the end of the edit

Pectin appears and #RaceForTheFuture

Title:? SHELL – Future Thinkers – Episode 2 – RACE FOR THE FUTURE

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Duration: {00:03:00 minutes}


The Future thinkers, Kami and Edward explore the Hamburg Technology Centre to find out more about e-mobility.

SHELL – Future Thinkers – Episode 2 – RACE FOR THE FUTURE Transcript

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看[Background music plays]

Open on two technicians standing outside the Shell Centre in Hamburg.

We see a car pull up, and foot step out.

VOICEOVER:? Shell have invited two future thinkers to their Hamburg technology lab to learn more about the electricity solutions that will soon be available to motorists everywhere.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看We see the future thinkers are children.

Close ups of Kami and Edward and the technicians sizing each other up.

EDWARD takes a pen out of his lab coat pocket

EDWARD: I’m looking forward to this

He clicks his pen.

They great each other

KAMI: Hello, yes, hello


KAMI: Right then, this way I presume?


KAMI: Pop it on charge, would you?

KAMI indicates to CHRISTOPHER she means the car they have just arrived in.? He looks perplexed as they walk off towards the lab.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看KAMI AND EDWARD enter the lab.

KAMI: Hmm, interesting décor.

EDWARD: Yeah, pretty minimal.

The technicians join them.? Kami swings round towards them

KAMI: So where to first, Mr?

KARSTEN: Wilbrand, Karsten Wilbrand.

TEXT appears on screen:


Innovation Manager Alternative Fuels at Shell

KARSTEN: This way please

And he indicates the direction they should go

The group walk through the hall of the lab

KARSTEN: Here at Shell Technology Centre, we’re working on the e-mobility solutions of the future

KAMI: How, exactly, is this going to benefit our planet and create a healthier future for us?

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close ups of KAMI, KARSTEN and the car interior.

KARSTEN: Full-battery electric vehicles have zero exhaust emissions, so they reduce air pollution, meaning a cleaner and greener planet for all of us.? Especially when the electricity comes from renewables.

As KARSTEN explains this to KAMI, we see EDWARD get distracted and wander off.

KARSTEN plugs in the electric charger into the car.

KARSTEN: Hey, Where’s your colleague?

Cut to see EDWARD through the next window with the slot cars.

EDWARD: And he’s off ….

KARSTEN: Ah, you’ve found the slot car.? That’s also electric but just for a bit of fun.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close up of the slot cars, plus see EDWARD enjoying playing with them as the others join him.

EDWARD: This is awesome! I think we’re going to have to thoroughly test this element.

KAMI sighs.



偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看CHRISTOPHER takes us into the next lab:

TEXT appears on screen:

Christopher Dobrowolski

E-Fluids Coordinator of Shell Global Solutions

CHRISTOPHER: So, this is the lab where we blend e-fluids and e-greases.? Goggles on, please.

KAMI: Safety, first

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看As KAMI & EDWARD put on their glasses.

Close up of full test tubes with different coloured liquids.

CHRISTOPHER: Electric vehicles need fluids to protect the electric motor, transmission, and to cool down the battery to allow efficient driving and fast charging. So, we are investing time and energy into developing these e-fluids to help with the sustainable energy transition and reduction of vehicles’ emissions.

As he explains, we see them walking through the lab, and see another female technician at work.

EDWARD: I get it. These snazzy, new electric cars need snazzy new fluids to keep them on the road.? And you’re the experts making sure they’re available.

The four of them interacting

CHRISTOPHER: Exactly, you want to give planning a go?

KAMI & EDWARD turn towards each other then back at CHRISTOPHER nodding in unison.

(Upbeat background music begins)

Mid shot of KAMI & EDWARD filling test tubes with different coloured liquids in the foreground.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close up of KAMI pouring liquid

KAMI stirring liquid in a beaker EDWARD is in the background

Close up of liquid mixing in beaker

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close up of EDWARD as he raises test tube and EDWARD looks from the beaker to directly at camera.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看(Music ends)

(Sound of liquid being poured into the beaker)

(Upbeat background music starts again)

The music starts back again to continue the scientific montage,

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close up of KAMI looking closely at experiment

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Shot of EDWARD pouring green liquid into a beaker

Shot of EDWARD pouring purple liquid into a beaker, the beaker begins to bubble and foam.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close up of beaker bubbling and spilling over.

EDWARD picks up the beaker carefully transferring it to another table as its overflows

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看KAMI & CHRISTIPHER are in shot, she picks up a beaker and passes it over to CHRISTOPHER

KAMI: I think you’ll find this of interest.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看CHRISTOPHER examines the beaker

CHRISTOPHER: It’ll first need to pass Shell’s high-quality centre test which we apply on all of our products.

KAMI, EDWARD AND CHRISTOPHER all looking at the beaker in CHRISTOPHERS hands

KAMI: mmm

Close up of EDWARD

EDWARD: Should we move on?

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close up of over filling beaker spilling over bubbles onto the table

Close up of CCTV Footage of a car covered in frost

(Background music begins)

(Sound of wind/frost can be heard)

KARSTEN is talking while walking to EDWARD towards another lab

KARSTEN: Batteries, like humans, best operate at temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Close up of car surfaces covered in frost

Close up of Nissan logo on car covered in frost

KARSTEN: However, we want to offer our customers the best charging solutions at any climates

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看KAMI, EDWARD and KARSTEN are by the CCTV Screens interacting.

Close up of car surfaces covered in frost

KAMI: So, you can really test how efficient batteries can be charged. Ranging from the desert to the Arctic?

KAMI looks at KARSTEN in awe.

KARSTEN: Sure! We’re about to run a cold test, you want to try it?

Close up of frost on car.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看A frosty room, scientist are in the background behind a glass screen. Kami walks in from the left wearing a big winter coat, hands in pocket, shaking.

EDWARD walks into the frame also in a big winter coat shaking.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看CCTV Footage shows both in the cold room looking at the frost covered car.

Behind a screen KARSTEN shouts to the kids

KARSTEN: This can go to minus forty!

KAMI & EDWARD are both still in the cold room hands wrapped around arms.

EDWARD: Yup this is properly cold!

Close up of Edward’s face pink from the cold.

Close up of car surfaces covered in frost, KAMI & EDWARD have spelt their names out in the frost.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看(Background music plays)

Close up of Shell branding on an electric charging pump.

Close up of TEXT: Shell Recharge

CHRISTOPHER: Future thinkers, looks like your ride is ready.

KAMI & 偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看EDWARD are outside by a car with CHRISTOPHER as he picks up a pump to show the kids

CHRISTOPHER: It’s been fully charged with a renewable source of energy

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close up of solar grid, wide of solar panel and back to a close up of EDWARD & KAMI

VO CHRISTOPHER: This solar charging solution is a great example of how we are working to meet the charging needs of electric drives in the future

KAMI: That’s great to hear! The easier you make it to charge EVSm the more we see on the road and the cleaner our air will be.

Close up of CHRISTOPHER listening to KAMI intently

Close up of diagram of how to charge an electric car.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看KAMI turns to EDWARD

KAMI: Edward, shall we confer for a moment?

Over EDWARD’S shoulder he is ticking off his clipboard as KARSTEN and CHRISTOPHER in focus wait the verdict.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Close up of checklist and YOUR FUTURE checkbox being ticked off by EDWARD.


KAMI: Fellow professionals, we’re impressed

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看KAMI & EDWARD shake the hands of CHRISTOPHER & KARSTEN

EDWARD: Keep up the good work.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看KAMI & EDWARD proceed to the side of the car, waving goodbye.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看The car takes off as CHRISTOPHER & KARSTEN wave goodbye

They turn towards each other shaking hands and acknowledging the good work done, walking off back to the lab.



偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Our Future Thinkers, Edward & Kami are back!

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看We recently sent them to the Shell Hamburg Technology Lab to learn all about e-mobility solutions which will soon be available to motorists everywhere.

Meet the Team

Sébastien Buemi

Sebastien Buemi

Sébastien Buemi

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Following successful stints in Formula One and the World Endurance Championship, Swiss-born Sébastien Buemi competed in the inaugural season of Formula E in 2014 - missing out on the title by just a single point. The following year saw Sébastien avenge this result in style, securing his first ABB FIA Formula E Championship storming to three race wins along the way.

Now driving for the Nissan e.dams Formula E team, Sebastien is looking to add to his already glittering career in motorsports with another championship in Formula E.

Oliver Rowland

Oliver Rowland

Oliver Rowland

No stranger to the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, Oliver Rowland comes to the Nissan e.dams Formula E team following a brief stint with Mahindra Racing in Punta del Este during the 2015/16 season.

偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看Joining the Nissan e.dams Formula E team this season, Rowland brings with him a wealth of motor racing experience from a multitude of disciplines, that includes stints in Formula One, GP2 and Formula Renault.

Discover more on Shell and Electric Mobility

New Energies

The global energy system is changing. A planet destined for more people and rising living standards will need more energy. But the world must also find ways to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. Shell’s New Energies business focuses on new fuels and power.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Shell is working to meet the charging needs of electric vehicle drivers – at home, at work or on the road. Electric vehicles are expected to play an increasingly important role in transporting people and products.

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